MOCA Bas-Relief (Mike-Papa-Bravo) 


21 JUNE - 14 SEPTEMBER 2014



Expanding on a long-running artistic voyage into changing reality and layering history in dreamy, expressive, painted-over photographs, for MOCA Bas-Relief (Mike-Papa-Bravo) Sebastiaan Bremer is exhibiting recent cut and marked-on black and white amalgamations of technology, drawing, photography, and discriminate slicing, as well as a room filled with an olfactory and sensuous mixture of wood, sage, rocks, cochineal, and a bas-relief boisterously coming off the wall. Bremer’s dual fascination with early 20th Century modernist sculpture and its subsequent photographic representation is the foundation for these mischievous extrapolations of the energy bound up in these objects, not only from the time they were created and documented, but also in the present and into posterity. The innate three-dimensionality of the work combined with artists’ delight in how the camera lens flattens them to capture a “perfect” view is the operative conundrum. Tensions between flat and not flat, old and new, and being emphatically handmade while confusingly appearing not to be, are all elements at play in MOCA Bas-Relief (Mike-Papa-Bravo).